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Something must be afoot when a leading US oil and gas stakeholder spends years perfecting the perovskite solar cell of the future. If the name Hunt Oil rings a bell, it should. As an affiliate of US-based Hunt Consolidated, it is part of a $4 billion oil and gas empire and one of the largest...
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Written By : Irene Snyder from Fox 10 Phoenix PHOENIX – The stock market was certainly shaken up this week when a number of Reddit users purchased call options for GameStop stocks, leading that stock to reach levels it hasn’t been at in years. Since then, a trading app called Robinhood has limited buying options for that stock, leading some smaller...
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Article By : Rob Pisani at Short sellers on the ropes — or are they? Short sellers clearly have picked the wrong names in January. The GameStop phenomenon — where buyers deliberately target heavily shorted stocks — is only the most recent development in a long series of failures from short sellers. But don’t count them out....
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