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Base Hit Stock Trading Never get greedy. It's not about making a ton of money off one trade or one stock. It's about making a little off a bunch of stocks and building your wealth safely. Learn More Join Now Learn the Market I focus on three trading strategies. Morning day trading, swing trading and options. And I'll share my experiences with you. Join Now I will help you

Day Trader

The mornings are usually the most volatile. You want stocks that are ripping up and down.


Buy low and sell high. Sometimes in a day and sometimes in a month


Buying calls and selling puts. Ways to generate revenue without risking it all

Must Have Stock Tools

These are the tools I use. A good trader has the right tools, just like doing any job.

Stock Broker

With so many options, it gets confusing as to which broker you should use. After trying Ameritrade, E-Trade, Webull and Robinhood, there are two options we like. For most traders, we highly recommend Ameritrade. No fees and easy to use. Shoot us an email and we’ll get you an invite to Ameritrade with a special gift to get your started.

Accounting Software

Day trading and swing trading involved lots of transactions. Everyone needs good tracking software. And the best one out there is Trader Vue. It’s extremely easy to use. You simply upload your transactions from your broker. Then Trader Vue does that rest. Stats on how much you made or lost that day, your percentage of wins vs losses and more. 

Stock Graphs

Having good graphs is a must to be successful when trading. Seeing insights, EMA, VWAP and more will only help you understand the movements of stocks and when is the best time to get in and out. Trading View has one of the best graph softwares out there. Plus it’s a community and you can share your ideas with others. All customizable and easy to use. 

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Our Favorite Stocks to Trade

With thousands of stocks, I've picked around 20 or so that I trade most of the time.
  • OPTT

    Transforming the world through innovative ocean-energy solutions.
  • NIO

    The future is in smart, electric and autonomous vehicles, and we aim to lead the way.
  • SNDL

    Sundial cannabis is a modern, natural alternative that fits seamlessly into active, healthy lifestyles.

Success isn’t measured by huge wins. Its measured by consistency, execution and base hit trades. Greed always loses. Never chase stocks, let them come to you.

Adam BossinCEO Of Base Hit Stock Trading

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  • I have been using the recommended tips and guidance from Base Hit Stock Trading for awhile now and all I have e seen is my bottoms line increase every month. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help in the stock market.

    Glen H
    Attorney at Law
  • I made over a 30% profit on several of Base Hit Stock Trading picks. I would highly recommend this stock education service to anyone who wants to make money.

    Anna B
    Yoga Instructor

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